About Us

Thank you for considering Qualitec Trailers. At Qualitec, we are committed to providing our dealers and their customers with the best value in enclosed trailers. We offer many models, from our entry level Avenger steel series, deluxe Yukon steel trailer or our premium Aerostar aluminum trailer. We also offer the Comanche and Mountaineer as snow trailers. We have a wide range of trailer sizes from a 4’x6′ single axle trailer up to an 8.5 x 34 52′ triple axle. With a large selection of options, we are able to customize a trailer specifically for your needs. Included but not limited to, Windows, Cabinetry, Electrical, Bathroom Packages and Concession trailers. Whether you are hauling general cargo, lawnmowers, motorcycles, snowmobiles or race cars we can build a trailer to fit your specific needs.

Our business is conducted through our carefully selected dealer network to ensure Qualitec Trailers are represented by trailer professionals. Please take time to fill out the “Contact Us” form and we will direct you to your nearest dealer.


Thank You again for considering Qualitec Trailers.